Are you sitting on a content goldmine?

Your Facebook Live videos can do a lot more for you!

  • Fast Track

    A simple, repeatable strategy to reach more people and grow your audience with the content you already have.

  • Grow Your Reach

    Tap into new market channels and attract more of your ideal client on new platforms.

  • Claim Your Space

    Demonstrate your expertise to a cold audience and turn them into avid fans and followers through quality content.

Increase your audience reach with your videos

There is a better and easier way to get your video content in front of a much bigger crowd!

Facebook Live videos drive lots of traffic to your pages and groups but are exclusive to only the people who are in your group or are on your page. When your videos are hiding in your group or on your page, they are passive. You might be sitting on a content gold mine if you haven’t been strategising your Facebook videos.
Learn how to increase your video reach

5 Day Fast Track Your Video Strategy

Learn the flow of video and reach more people

  • Day 1 – Learn how to pick your best videos and download them.

  • Day 2 – Create eye catching thumbnails that double as intro and finishing slides on your videos.

  • Day 3 – Give your videos a professional look the easy way.

  • Day 4 – Get started on YouTube and upload your videos with easy SEO.

  • Day 5 – Add your videos to your website and keep track of them.

Open New Doors

Make your content accessible to a wider audience. Reach more people with your wisdom. Claim your place at the experts' table.

Get started now

Make the most of your existing and future Facebook video content with a few simple steps

This is a self-paced course and you can join in any time! Estimated total completion time is 2.5 hours.

  • Rinse and repeat workflow you can apply again and again and again.

  • Learn to easily expand your reach much further with your video content.

  • Combine and capitalise on the SEO superpower of your website and your YouTube channel